Case studies

Discover why more than 500 publishers and studios of all sizes love using Lurkit

"Lurkit has become an integral part of our daily routine. On top of being an easy way to manage the distribution of game keys, it has become invaluable as a tool for finding relevant influencers and channels that may be a good fit for any upcoming games. The platform is always improving; adding new features to improve its functionality.”

"We’ve been using Lurkit for more than 6 months now and are quite impressed with its easy-to-use interface, navigation as well as cadence by which new features are added. It just keeps getting better and has so far helped us finding new, meaningful partners and creators to work with. On top of that the team is quick to answer questions and provide assistance when we need it."

"Lurkit has been a tremendous asset when prospecting for content creators to work with. I especially find that their filter functions combined with quick overviews of the most essential stats for each creator saves me a lot of time and headache. Using Lurkit has been a great experience through and through, the website has a better UI/UX than any similar service I've used."

"In general, I can tell you that Lurkit has a great platform going on. I notice frequent updates like adding more Keysets (for other platforms) to your campaign. I also really like their overviews. It's great that you don't have to download/manually set up a report, all the data is always there. It's also great that users can submit content manually. I also like that influencers who don't meet our requirements can still request keys."

"Lurkit is one of the main solutions that enables us to publish our games on our own. They have an excellent team and listen to our needs and requests, creating a platform that makes it possible to efficiently find and work with streamers that help us in our development."