Raw Fury elevated their daily influencer marketing with Lurkit


Raw Fury has published over 20 games with hit titles like 'Call of the Sea' and 'Kingdom Two Crowns' under their belt. An essential part of their marketing approach is working with user-generated content. They needed a time-saving and data-accurate platform to make the best possible decisions and a way to facilitate effective prospecting and campaign work without compromising scalability or control.

"Lurkit has become an integral part of our daily routine. On top of being an easy way to manage the distribution of game keys, it has become invaluable as a tool for finding relevant influencers and channels that may be a good fit for any upcoming games."

About Raw Fury

Raw Fury is a video game publisher that focus on experiences and emotions. First and foremost, we want to help developers make magic. We don't care about specific genres or mechanics, we care about telling stories that matter and the people behind them.

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Raw Fury began using Lurkit — addressing the whole funnel of influencer campaign work. The data Lurkit generates out of the box, provides deep insights into content creator relevance and trends, that Raw Fury uses to invite content creators directly to game campaigns or for outreach to potential long-term collaborations.


By utilizing Lurkit, Raw Fury is able to enhance productivity, streamline software spend, and reduce the need to place PR personnel on rote tasks like emailing game keys or manually verifying streamers and YouTubers. Furthermore, using Lurkit to analyze Raw Fury's creator and viewership data enables them to monitor each campaign to better implement performance-boosting actions and reach their audience.

"When searching for creators, it's not enough to just find someone who's willing to play. We want to see them really connect with the game and ensure the collaboration should feel beneficial on both sides. When we can quickly identify creators who align with our goals and who are also excited about what we're doing, we can skip over the more tedious tasks and get right down to developing meaningful relationships and valuable partnerships."


Prospecting and relevance

Raw Fury uses Lurkit's content creator analytics to distinguish between full channel data (the metrics the creator has overall) and contextual data that gives a deep-dive view of how they perform when they play a particular game or genre.


Automated relevance processes

Relevant searches and metrics on Lurkit Insights can be saved as custom filters, providing a fully automated prospecting tool where the PR team can easily see any spikes in campaign activity from content creators for potential future partnership opportunities. In addition, the automated campaign functionality on the platform where content creators that match the campaign requirements are automatically given access to Raw Furys games creates a scalable way of working with a never-ending portfolio of games.


Where the magic happens - Raw Fury Headquarters at Södermalm, Stockholm

Efficiency and Productivity

Utilizing Lurkit, Raw Fury and its PR team can work with more content creators with higher relevance without a trade-off. For example, going through a manual review process to determine a creator's relevance and audience reach is a tedious task that involves looking at individual content feeds, mail, spreadsheets and other time-consuming manual activities. By using Lurkit, Raw Fury gets the at-a-glance view they need to make intelligent decisions based on the deep data available.

"There is a seemingly endless amount of talented creators out there and it can be overwhelming to even figure out where to start looking. Having some basic filtering parameters or searching for creators who played certain games not only saves on time but introduces a lot of channels that may have been previously overlooked."



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